Investing in You

Easy Quit Smoking Programme

Initial 60 minute Consultation   £50.00

During our first session, in a comfortable and confidential environment, we will discuss your issues and concerns in depth and discover what you wish to achieve from therapy. Having taken a case history, we will finish with a gentle hypnosis relaxation session leaving you feeling completely at ease,  calm &  relaxed.

Session 2, is tailored specifically to you, based on your given case history and working towards dealing with your presenting issue. It is completely client-focused, taking into account your wishes, needs and interests and will be a bespoke therapy just for you – as each person is completely different and ‘one size does not fit all’.

It is not an exact science to know immediately, how many sessions will be needed to resolve certain situations as everyone is different and emotional problems can be quite complex. Everyone responds differently to therapy but as an approx. guide:

Fears/Phobias – 2-3 sessions

Anxiety & Stress – 4-6 sessions

Motivation/Confidence – 2-3 sessions

Psychoanalysis – 4 onwards until issue resolved

Each of the above sessions – £50.00 each/60 mins

I always like to give my clients an exercise or technique/s to work with  to help them stay on track and focused during the week between appointments. Total commitment is required from you to gain the maximum benefit from your therapy.   Therefore, it will be in your best interest in terms of time and money invested and a successful outcome, to follow through with any practical homework suggestions and techniques that are given.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you make the changes needed to make ‘Your Tomorrow Better Than Yesterday’.

It Helps to Talk


This programme is completed in one session of between 90 – 120 minutes – £145.00

The cost of this therapy is approx the same cost of 12-15 packets of cigarettes.

How many do you smoke a day?

For the average smoker of 20 a day, this equates to around 2 weeks worth of cigarettes.

A small investment when your lifespan,  general health and well-being are at stake, wouldn’t you agree?

The criteria for undertaking this programme is that YOU personally must truly want to STOP smoking.  You should not commit to this programme if someone else is insisting you do it! Also, YOU must be the one to make your appointment.  This all adds up to your total commitment to STOP SMOKING.

Payment in full is required at the time of booking your appointment and to confirm your commitment.

If you meet this criteria, contact me NOW whilst you are feeling 100% determined!