Amazing Changes Hypnotherapy is based in peaceful, rural North Essex, 6 miles East of Colchester and close to the A12/A120 with plenty of parking and privacy.

Hello and a very warm welcome to my website,  Amazing Changes Hypnotherapy – Essex. 

My name is Gilly Sandford DHp and I am a qualified and fully insured Hypnotherapist, Psychoanalyst  with Psychotherapy,  trained at the Kent Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

I am also a Certified OldPain2Go Practitioner

and can work with you to reduce or eliminate ‘old pain’ – that is pain which has been diagnosed by a medical practitioner and for which there is no benefit for you to retain that pain.

I have the privilege and benefit of ‘life experience’ which helps me  work with empathy and intuition also and I offer a friendly, non-judgmental and confidential therapeutic service.  

My practice is based in a semi-rural setting in the beautiful North Essex countryside, just outside Colchester, within easy access of the A12 and A120.

Surrounded by nature, flowers, trees and the sound of birdsong, this in itself, I feel is beneficial to the therapeutic process.  

Amazing Changes Hypnotherapy – Essex was borne after witnessing the ‘amazing changes’ that can be achieved with the use of techniques from both Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis.

I’ve discovered that the mind can be made to change learned habits formed over time, or to feel differently about thoughts and feelings which have developed  from the impact of both negative verbal & physical interactions from the assortment of people we come into contact with during our lives,  from early childhood right through to adulthood.


Apart from our DNA, who we are and who we become, is shaped by the influences we are exposed to from when we first arrived on this earth as a blank page.

Other people’s thoughts, opinions, morals, behaviour towards us, the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in, all play a part towards the person we become.  We are then  conditioned to behave, think and react in a certain way and sometimes this behaviour can have a detrimental effect on our quality of life and  present obstacles that we wish weren’t there.



I believe taking care of our mental well-being as well as our physical health is fundamental to our quality of life and this affects not just us, but family, friends and work associates too.

How much time, effort and money do  you invest in your physical well-being? …maybe a gym membership, fitness class, new clothes, hairdressing, makeup, manicures and so on.

….. but how much do you invest in maintaining your mental health?

‘We are what we think‘ and poor mental health has an impact on our physical health and can as a result, often manifest into a physical illness.

Therefore, wouldn’t you agree that it is crucial to invest equally, in looking after this  valuable part of your body – the part that plays such an important role in how you function on a daily basis and affects whether you have a ‘great” day or a ‘bad’ day.


In your search for the right therapist, it is important to find someone whom you feel you can connect with, feel comfortable enough to speak openly with and feel reassured that everything discussed is in the strictest confidence.

We will work together, to make the positive changes you need, to improve the quality of YOUR life.

My aim is, ‘to make your tomorrow better than yesterday.’